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Enzo Chen

Mr. Enzo Chen, Taiwan
Photographer, Founder of Enzo Marine Diving / 摄影师、Enzo Marine 创始人 Mr. Enzo has been taking pictures underwater since 1990. He has provided content for a number of magazines and underwater journals, sharing his skills, expertise and his technical knowledge of equipment. Enzo is especially masterful in his use of lighting and composition. Through his lens, creatures of the deep take centre-stage, their unique, captivating and endearing characters revealed as they are thrown into sharp relief. Enzo从1990年就开始从事水下摄影,他已经为多家杂志、水下摄影期刊提供过稿件内容,跟读者分享他的摄影技巧、摄影知识以及有关摄影装备的专业知识。Enzo对于光线的利用和在构图方面有着高超的技艺。透过他的镜头,深海生物独特、迷人、可爱的特征显露无遗
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